attacker knocked phone out of hand before I could call 911

How I turned my near-death experience into a mission to arm and protect others

I was almost killed in my own home by a family member.

It was a cool evening in 2004, and tension filled the air as my wife's parents paid us an unexpected visit. We had only been married a couple of years, and her parents were extremely controlling. They came over to our house to try to intervene in my marriage and how I raise my children.

As the conversation quickly escalated, I found myself telling them that I was not going to listen to their nonsense and that they needed to leave the house. But my father-in-law became angry and began shouting at me. I again told them to leave, pointing towards the door, but they refused.

That was the turning point in the action. Although I didn't understand at the time that this situation constituted "domestic violence," I explained that I would be calling the police if they didn't leave. This only seemed to enrage my father-in-law further, and he shouted, “the hell you are!” as I picked up the phone.

But before I could dial 9-1-1, I felt the phone fly out of my hand and heard it shatter against the wall behind me. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground with my 6'4” 280lb father-in-law sitting on my chest, his hand covering my mouth and nose, and his other hand grasped around my neck, choking me. As I struggled for breath, I heard him scream, “I will wring your neck.

In that moment, I was about to die. Or at least pass out from lack of oxygen. I heard his wife plead with him to stop, warning him that he would go to prison. It was then that I made a commitment to never be a victim.

From that day forward, I sought out martial arts training and knife-combat training. I took all the NRA classes and self-defense classes I could find. And, most importantly, I always carried my gun with me. I made sure to become an NRA Certified Instructor so I could give others the training they need to protect themselves. I even opened up a retail firearm store, selling firearms at near wholesale prices so that I could arm as many people as I could.

The result of my harrowing experience was a transformation within myself. The gun became my great equalizer. I wanted to ensure that others never felt as vulnerable as I had. I became a strong advocate for responsible gun ownership, believing that everyone should have a firearm with them at all times and know how to effectively use it in self-defense. I also stressed the importance of knowing the laws to stay protected legally.

The lesson for all gun owners is simple: be prepared, be trained, and be ready to defend yourself. The world is not always a safe place, and it's crucial to be armed with the knowledge and tools to protect yourself and your loved ones. My experience was a wake-up call, and I hope that by sharing it, I can help others avoid a similar fate.

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John Webster has been teaching the Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons Courses for over 15 years and has helped thousands of people obtain their CCW permits.

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